X-Men Spin-Doctoring, T3 Director Hunt

This morning’s Hollywood Reporter claims Bryan Singer just started preliminary negotiations to direct the sequel to X-Men. While that’s all fine and good — and Singer probably should be seated firmly in the director’s chair, since he exceeded all expectations and did such a fine job with the first outing — it’s just not going to happen. Singer didn’t cultivate a very strong relationship at Twentieth Century Fox. However, he shouldn’t feel bad. Fox is one studio that doesn’t lend itself to creating long-lasting partnerships — especially in this era of upheaval and change among the executive ranks. The first X-Men was Bill Mechanic’s baby, and he, of course, was unceremoniously ousted and is long gone.

News of this magnitude would spread through the Fox staff like wildfire — and not a single mole had heard a peep or could find a shred of paper that could verify these negotiations. Most likely this is just some kind of public relations push from the Bryan Singer camp. (And in this “too close to call” election 2000, we should know all about political and public relations spin-doctoring by now.) There’s no doubt Singer is trying to get his name in the mix. While the majority of the actors who worked on X-Men all have more work than they can handle, things just haven’t worked out the same for Singer. He may be saving himself to be free to continue the franchise, but he shouldn’t put all his cinematic eggs in one basket.

Have You Have Enough Arnold Yet?

Last week we did a wrap-up on the status of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming flicks — but how quickly things change. There’s nothing more certain to crank up rumors on any movie than a press junket by a big star. Such is the case with Schwarzenegger and the release of The 6th Day. Though ol’ Arnie would much rather be answering questions about the movie at hand, all his possible upcoming flicks (in particular the sequels) are getting hyped too.

For most Arnold fans, the most anticipated flick is no doubt Terminator 3, but a director has not officially signed up for the project. While the safe money is on John McTiernan (who, of course, directed the big guy in the ill-received Last Action Hero), TVGuide.com is claiming Fight Club director David Fincher is holding the reigns. Now, while they may just be behind the times (Fincher’s name came up in very early rumors), we can always hope they know something we don’t. Fincher’s version of T3 has potential to be pretty twisted and dark — unlike McTiernan’s normal action-adventure fare (The Thomas Crown Affair, The 13th Warrior).

Arnold has also been saying in the press that he’s not involved with Conan 3. Mark these words: As soon as he sees what Larry and Andy Wachowski (who’ve signed on as creative consultants on the project) come up with, he’ll no doubt be begging them for a role.