Transformers: The Last Knight 2017

When you think of Transformers you will always looked back how it had first captured your interest and filled you with so much excitement and thrills. Way back 2007 from the first movie released up unto this day it still gives us goose bumps. Michael Bay never failed to give us such a great and an outstanding film. I thought the sequel of the movie will be ended up last 2014 but when I found out that there is another movie sequel within this year, it just gave me enliven and perhaps gives me much more excitement for what will be unpredictable things that would happen on this movie.

Michael Bay is just a great director and producer and when it comes to directing you will always be amazed by its amazing plot and story of the movie. That is why I love to watch his movies because they are just full of twist and very unpredictable. Transformer The Last Knight is another phenomenal movie and the robots are much more realistic. Cade Yeager played by Mark Wahlberg as the main character in the movie and the previous Transformer Age of Extinction. Well, Mark is really good at action movies definitely these kinds of movies would fit for him. In the Transformer:

The Last Knight, Cade together with Bumblebee had to unravel things in the past and to know the reason why Transformers keep coming on earth. In order to protect the world from what is destined to be arrived in the future, Anthony Hopkins summon Cade has to face a lot of actions and adventure and meet new transformers good or bad along the way. Of course this movie has also a great humour. Once again the world against the transformers is in fierce war and the two worlds are colliding. Optimus Prime on the other hand was against the good guys and even trying to kill bumble, he is now the enemy but I believe Optimus Prime may have the reason why he is has to do it. Well, I just have to watch the movie.

And also I realized that Bumblebee on this movie has a stunning action and as I was seeing in the trailer his body just separated and then fused in a second and that was just new to me since I have not seen bumblebee doing that in the previous movies. All I see from him are actions and a great sense of humour. I am just so excited to see Bumblebee in the movie. He is everyone’s favourite transformer. I will not miss this movie for the world. I am so excited to what is coming and of course to see my favourite Bumblebee. I am much looking forward for the mystery, the plot, the twist, the characters and everything.

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